Best Way To Sell Your Las Vegas Timeshare

For timeshare owners in Las Vegas who no longer want or use their timeshare, you might want to sell it. So you want to know how or can you sell it? A quick answer is yes, but there is no guarantee. So yes, you can sell your timeshare; after all you bought it right? You just need to find another buyer who wants your timeshare. So how hard can that be, to find another timeshare buyer like you. Well this depends on your price, timing and luck that your find your buyer before they buy some other timeshare. As there are people who do buy timeshares! You just need to find them, present your offer and execute the selling transaction. This can get a little hairy as a timeshare is a legal entity, most likely with a deed, etc. So back to the question, can you sell your timeshare, the answer is yes, if you find a buyer at your selling price and actually complete the transaction.

So pricing a timeshare to sell --- now, that is a great statement. How much is a timeshare? How much should you sell your Las Vegas timeshare for? How do you price your timeshare to sell on the resale market? Because the resort developer spends a lot of money attracting buyers, advertising and marketing, the price you paid for the timeshare originally is inflated, lets say 50 percent (could be more, could be less -- but on average that is a good number).

So other factors in figuring out your timeshare sales price is looking at prices of the same and other similar resorts for sale. Knowing what other people are selling timeshares for is one thing, knowing how much the offers they get is another. For some popular resorts they are exact and other lower quality timeshare it’s a big difference. It makes logical sense that when you sell your timeshare; sell it at a place with lots of offers. Just to know, if demand is high for you resort, you may be able to increase your selling price. And the opposite it true, if demand is low or your resort is not popular with vacationers, you will need to lower your price even more to entice your buyer.

Some owners don't want to pay to sell there timeshare and/or some owners want to pay a commission once the timeshare is sold. Both ideas are good and can work, but not everyone can do both. Meaning commissions can only be charged by real estate agents (yet how many agents can sell a timeshare) and some companies charge up front fees to sell a timeshare (which the owner paid a lot more when they bought the timeshare). It’s understandable that an owner paid 50 of the value upfront to the developer and they don't want to pay anything to sell it. It’s understandable, however not reasonable.

Remember, your selling price (lower is better), more interested people looking at your resort unit (more offers is better) and the ability to complete the transaction (having an attorney is better) are all needed in order for your Las Vegas timeshare to be sold.